Atmos S.A.S, France

Atmos S.A.S, France

ATMOS has more than a century of experience in extracting and material handling.

Strong experience in the coal mines of France, ATMOS Handling now provides facilities for extracting and handling materials in the world of cement, mining, quarrying, sugar, port facilities and industries.

Recognized specialists for steel apron feeders, we design our equipments to satisfy your needs in terms of size and capacity.

We supply complete installations including hopper, apron feeder and wobblers. We can also replace your existing apron feeder to fit your civil works and structure of your installation. We have a real expertise in replacing your old Dragon feeder.

ATMOS product range :

  1. Steel Apron Feeders

    Technical Specification :

    • Conveyor width: from 600 mm to 2800 mm
    • Spacing: from 2000 mm to 20000 mm
    • Flow: up to 3000 T/h
  2. Wobblers

    Technical Specification :

    • Cut: from 30 to 300 mm
    • Flow: from 100 to 1500 T/h
    • Screening width: from 800 to 2400 mm
    • Screening lenght: from 1000 to 5000 mm
  3. Pan and Bucket Conveyors

    ATMOS Handling designs pan and bucket conveyors used mainly in cement plant for clinker but adaptable for other types of materials. The design is robust with low maintenance.

    Technical Specification :

    • Chain with high resistance treated bushes
    • Front and rear shoks with interchangeable induction treated toothed segment
    • Front and rear lines equiped with spherical roller bearings
    • Treated steel rollers with roller bearings
    • Perfect tightness at the overlaping of pans
    • Long life lubrification
    • Tension device on the rear shaft is equiped with roller bearings
    • Side, front and rear protection panels all along the conveyor
    • Frame with high-sized profiles
  4. Helmet Gates

    ATMOS Handling designs helmet gates with pneumatic or hydraulic control. The main application is fast loading of trucks and trains.

  5. Industrial Comveyors

    The conveyors have special applications in industry, such as conveying foundry parts.

  6. Spillage Conveyors

    The spillage conveyors are mainly used under the apron feeders, in case of clogging materials that may remain stuck to the apron feeder pan and that may fall by gravity on return strand. Spillage conveyors can also be used at the output of belt conveyors.